Mindray reaches ultrasound milestone, unveils upgrades

Mindray Medical International announced the 1,000th installation of its TE7 portable ultrasound system in North America and unveiled its Gem series of upgrades at this week's annual meeting of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) in Orlando, FL.

Based on the company's Living Technology, the Gem series included the Resona 7 (Sapphire), ZS3 (Diamond), M9 (Ruby), and TE7 (Crystal) ultrasound upgrades. The Resona 7 Sapphire edition, for example, is powered by Mindray's Zone Sonography Technology Plus (ZST+) and features new capabilities such as the company's Sound Touch Elastography application, which provides multiple quantitative measures for evaluating liver stiffness, Mindray said. Resona 7 also features HD Scope, an image processing technology designed to delineate subtle or small soft-tissue lesions based on their distinct acoustic characteristics, according to the vendor.

All Mindray ultrasound systems have also received contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging technology that uses harmonic and fundamental signals to boost contrast and temporal resolution. Mindray's platforms based on ZST -- Resona 7, ZS3, and Z.One Pro -- have additional capabilities that can enable lower dose and longer duration of contrast agents, Mindray said.

In addition, all ultrasound systems now feature the company's M-Secure cybersecurity suite, as well as its Z-Tracking tool, which supports infection control efforts by tracking the specific transducers that are used with each patient.

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