Biodex redesigns ultrasound tables

Medical imaging table and accessory supplier Biodex Medical Systems has introduced a new line of ultrasound tables.

Biodex has redesigned the optional side rails to tuck underneath the ultrasound table when not in use to allow clear access to the tabletop, and they are now mounted flush to the table, eliminating discomfort and reducing the reach required by the sonographer, the company said.

The new cardiac scanning cushion has been redesigned to drop down and release from either side of the table, with nothing protruding. This cutout has been increased in size, providing open access to the left thorax area for an unobstructed apical approach.

Improved Fowler positioning accommodates natural body extension and sitting position; it is adjustable up to 80°. The headrest extends down to 15° and allows for greater neck extension and easier thyroid and carotid access. An articulating scanning arm board adjusts from 0° to 130° and locks every 10°.

Biodex will continue to use customer input in the future as it redesigns its tables, with ideas to enhance ergonomics for the comfort and safety of the sonographer, the company said.

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