Zonare unveils new transducers, enhanced software

Ultrasound technology developer Zonare Medical Systems released three new transducers plus enhancements to software for its z.one ultrasound systems at the 2008 RSNA show in Chicago.

The L14-5w high-resolution, high-frequency transducer is designed to offer broad bandwidth to improve imaging of small parts, breast tissue, and superficial anatomy. A field-of-view of 55 mm offers virtual apex capability for its 10 frequencies that include three fundamental, one tissue harmonic, two compound imaging, and two each for color Doppler and PW Doppler modes.

The C4-1 small-footprint, curved-array transducer is designed to provide improved penetration with sensitive Doppler imaging. Combined with software enhancements, it is intended for use in difficult-to-image patients, including those who are very muscular, obese, or elderly, or those with a thick body wall, according to Zonare.

The C8-33D curved linear transducer offers mechanical sweep array, 3D fetal surface rendering, 3D multiplanar capabilities, and additional diagnostic tools for imaging obstetric patients in the second and third trimesters, as well as general abdominal imaging.

The z.one system also features new elastography applications for qualitative visual assessment of the mechanical stiffness properties of tissue, and the L10-5 and L14-5w transducers are supported, according to the Mountain View, CA-based firm.

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