SonoSite adds new transducers to M-Turbo

Compact-ultrasound vendor SonoSite of Bothell, WA, has expanded the features of its M-Turbo system and unveiled four new transducers for anesthesia, surgery, venous access, musculoskeletal, and adult and pediatric cardiology applications.

The upgrades include emergency medicine documentation worksheets and playback on the M-Turbo system for SonoSite Education Key program training modules.

Existing customers can upgrade their systems through a software download from a USB thumb drive. Shipments are currently under way.

The new transducers include the following:

  • P10x/8-4 MHz phased-array transducer for pediatric cardiac, abdominal, and head scanning
  • SLAx/13-6 MHz surgical linear-array transducer for superficial imaging and musculoskeletal, vascular, nerve, and venous applications, as well as pediatric regional anesthesia applications
  • TEEx/8-5 MHz transesophageal transducer for multiplane scans; also provides a 180-degree view of adult cardiac anatomy
  • D2x/2 MHz continuous wave transducer, which is compatible with SonoSite MicroMaxx system

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