Girl with 'x-ray vision' raises eyebrows in Russia

Russian newspaper Pravda this week reported the bizarre story of a 16-year-old girl said to have "x-ray vision" that enables her to discern patients' internal organs without the aid of x-ray or ultrasound.

In experiments at local hospital N1, Natalya Demkina from Saransk made several correct medical diagnoses, the article stated. In one such experiment, the girl was shown a woman with several illnesses. She was able to list all of them correctly, and subsequent correlation with ultrasound proved her diagnoses. Larger, controlled studies still need to be conducted to verify the girl’s abilities, according to Pravda.

For her part, Demkina welcomes further scrutiny and testing of her skills, and said she plans to attend medical school if she can find a way to afford it. In addition to her x-ray vision, she has remarkable abilities in a number of other areas, according to her parents.

"Natasha started to talk when she was only six months old," her mother told the newspaper. "At (age) one she could already recite Pushkin and Nekrasov by heart. By three, Natasha had mastered the alphabet and learned to operate a snowmobile."

By staff writers
January 16, 2004

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