South Korean hospital hits milestone with ViewRay system

2019 09 17 17 11 0207 Viewray Astro 2019

The Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) in South Korea announced that it has hit a milestone with its MRIdian MRI-guided radiation therapy system from ViewRay, having treated 1,000 patients in the last five years.

The university hospital was among the first in Asia to get the ViewRay MRIdian stereotactic MRI system installed. Since 2015, patients have been treated with the ViewRay MRIdian system for a range of cancer types, including tumors of the breast, lung, prostate, and pancreas. The hospital says that it has had a special focus on using the system for adaptive therapy in patients with pancreatic cancer.

The system has been helpful for reducing treatment times and enabling patients to control their stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments, the hospital said in a statement from ViewRay. On average, it takes 22 minutes to complete treatment at the Seoul facility, according to the company.

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