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Santa Claus and his hard-working elves may breathe a post-Christmas sigh of relief, but the Radiology Oncology Insider considers itself the gift that keeps on giving. So on this Boxing Day, we bring you our Insider Exclusive on treating trigeminal neuralgia (TN) with radiosurgery.

This nerve condition has historically been tackled either with pharmaceuticals or open surgery. However, radiosurgical specialists praise the technique for being as effective as traditional TN management methods, but faster and safer. Click here to learn more.

In other Radiation Oncology Digital Community news, the chairman of the department of rad onc at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC, discusses why he is happy to have a 3-tesla MR in his treatment planning room. Click here for more on Dr. Edward Shaw's thoughts on the benefits of imaging tumor biology and physiology with 3-tesla MRI.

Also, learn why French clinicians prefer a conventional fractionation regimen over a split-course regimen for patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer. Then discover how Dutch researchers determined that transrectal gold marker implantation for prostate position verification in radiotherapy is safe and well-tolerated. And gain insight into the radiobiology underlying intensity-modulated radiotherapy in an article from medicalphysicsweb.

Finally, check out a trio of articles on advances in breast cancer therapy, such as relying on circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as an early hallmark of effective treatment, using preoperative thermotherapy to improve tumor response, as well as pre- and post-treatment outcomes with accelerated partial-breast irradiation.

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