Imaging Biometrics touts IB Neuro study

Advanced visualization software firm Imaging Biometrics highlighted a study featuring its IB Neuro software for assessing brain tumors.

IB Neuro performs quantitative analysis of MRI dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) studies, a common perfusion MRI exam for evaluating brain tumors, according to the vendor.

In the study, published September 28 in Nature Communications, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona obtained multiple biopsies from different regions of tumors in patients with high-grade gliomas. They recorded the precise location of each biopsy using stereotactic coordinates.

Then, each biopsy sample was matched with corresponding measurements derived from IB Neuro and other technologies. Using this approach, the researchers identified distinct imaging patterns that matched key genetic and molecular features of the invasive tumor margins, which were also different from the more central core tumor regions, according to the study.

Ultimately, the researchers found that invasive tumor margins contain biologically distinct genetic and molecular alterations that underlie aggressive behavior and disease recurrence, the authors reported.

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