to tout study results at SCMR meeting

2019 11 14 19 33 1912 Computer Heart 400 plans to highlight study results that show its technology reduces cardiac MRI scanning time at the upcoming Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) meeting in San Diego.

Researchers led by Dr. Raymond Kwong from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston will present the findings, according to the firm. The study evaluated the use of Vista's One Click MRI for identifying cardiomyopathy and structural heart disease; the researchers compared traditional cardiac MRI exams against both partial and full AI-assisted scans taken between April and September 2022.

Among the team's findings, full AI-assisted scans were 31% shorter than non-AI scans, while 90% of full AI-assisted scans were completed within 45 minutes. In contrast, about 25% of unassisted scans were completed within that time frame.

Also, full-AI assisted scan times were threefold more consistent than unassisted scan times. Both had minimum times of 26 to 27 minutes, but maximum times were 64 minutes versus 161 minutes, respectively, said.

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