Video from AHRA 2022: Emanuel Kanal on MRI contrast relaxivity

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PHOENIX - Do you know the relaxivity of your MRI contrast agents? Chances are you don't, but you might want to start learning about the concept, according to Dr. Emanuel Kanal, who gave a presentation on the topic at this week's AHRA 2022 meeting.

Relaxivity can be thought of as the potency of an MRI contrast agent, according to Kanal, who is director of MR services at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A certain amount of relaxivity is required to prompt anatomical structures to enhance on MRI scans.

A new class of high-relaxivity agents is coming to market that has the potential to provide the same level of enhancement but with less contrast material. This could give radiology facilities the opportunity to use less MRI contrast than previously required, saving money and exposing patients to less contrast.

Click on the video below to view the presentation.

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