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Patients are fascinated with their healthcare. In particular, they often want to see their imaging results. But even when they do get to view their images, they may not understand exactly what they're seeing.

A new company called BrainKey is touting a direct-to-consumer service that includes a brain MRI scan and a report that makes imaging results accessible to laypeople, offering a snapshot of a person's brain health. In this edition's Insider Exclusive, we're profiling the firm and how it hopes its service will positively affect patient care.

After you've read the story, take a look at our coverage of a range of MRI research, including how impaired blood flow appears to be linked to tau buildup in Alzheimer's disease patients, the potential of 4D MRI for fetal heart imaging, and what researchers from the University of Chicago have discovered about COVID-19 patients' risk of encephalopathy.

We're also highlighting results from a study that shows that presurgical cardiac stress testing of all kinds -- including SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging and MRI in combination with electrocardiograms -- is on the decline. In addition, findings from a Kaiser team in Seattle suggest that women with BRCA mutations still aren't getting the breast cancer MRI screening most professional organizations recommend for this population.

Finally, learn what a team from Emory University in Atlanta has to say about the use of in-bore MRI-guided biopsy for prostate cancer, and discover what a group from Ohio State University in Columbus found regarding athletes developing myocarditis after recovering from COVID-19.

There are so many new research developments emerging in the field of MRI. We invite you to check our MRI Community often to get the latest news.

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