KinetiCor expands MR motion detection patent portfolio

2019 10 23 18 31 0645 Patent Stamp 20191023184409

KinetiCor said that its patent portfolio for its MRI motion detection and correction technology has grown to reach 33 patents worldwide.

The company highlighted several patent allowances:

  • Chinese patents on markerless motion tracking and compensation systems based on adjusting biomedical imaging scanner parameters, marker-based motion tracking and compensation systems that determine a pose of an object in 6° of freedom using two detectors, and a marker comprising alternating dark and light elliptical shapes during a medical imaging scan
  • U.S. patents covering optical markers; markerless motion tracking and compensation; and systems that estimate 3D pose, determine poses in 6° of freedom, generate motion decorrected images, and determine false motion, among others
  • A European patent on marker-based motion tracking and compensation systems for dynamically adjusting MR scanners during a scan to compensate for object motion

In addition, several other patents are pending.

KinetiCor also received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in February for its MRI optical motion correction system, an optical camera and analytics system that can identify patient motion and communicate corresponding adjustments to OEM imaging systems, according to the company.

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