Sound Imaging launches MRI movement detection system

Sound Imaging has launched a new system designed to reduce motion artifacts in MRI scans by detecting patient motion during studies.

The company's Safety and Movement Monitoring With Motion Detection (SAMM MD) system was designed to address a wish list of issues raised by staff in the MRI section at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It includes hardware and software that integrate with a user's MRI scanner to alert patients and technologists about movement, monitor patients in HD video, and alert and record anyone entering the MRI suite.

SAMM MD also gives users the option to record patients during MRI scans, as well as to record videos that can help with technologist training to reduce patient claustrophobia and increase safety. In addition, the product can be integrated with a site's MRI patient worklist so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential legal exposure.

In launching SAMM MD, Sound Imaging cited the results of a 2015 study in which researchers found that almost 20% of MRI exams needed rescans, which they said could cost an additional $115,000 per year, per scanner.

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