Toshiba America Medical Systems

2007 10 26 10 31 31 706

(Booth 7130) Toshiba America Medical Systems is planning to enter the 3-tesla MRI market, so look for the Tustin, CA, company to update RSNA attendees on the status of its ultrahigh-field program, first announced at the 2006 RSNA meeting.

2007 10 26 10 31 20 706Toshiba's 3-tesla offering will feature a new magnet design that combines a short bore with high magnetic field homogeneity. The work-in-progress system will also feature the company's Pianissimo noise-reduction technology.

At the 1.5-tesla field strength, Toshiba will highlight enhancements to its Vantage Atlas scanner, a 128-element system with an integrated coil design that allows clinicians to perform multiple exams without repositioning coils. Atlas features a 55 x 55 x 50-cm field-of-view, which helps produce high-quality images throughout the body, according to the company.

Contrast-free imaging also will be a topic of discussion in Toshiba's booth, given the recent concern over nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) following gadolinium contrast administration. The company's Vantage scanners include software for contrast-free MR angiography procedures with three proprietary techniques: fresh blood imaging (FBI), contrast-free improved angiography (CIA), and Time-SLIP.

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