How to calculate your MRI suite safety score

A recurring theme in our recent presentations has been process management: evaluating and quantifying where you are and determining where you would like to be. This can apply to any number of quality assurance factors for imaging providers, from no-show appointments to repeat scans and patient throughput.

Today, however, we will help you put a score to the safety provisions of your MRI facility to determine how effective your current safety practices are and, more importantly, help identify ways to improve safety for your patients and staff.

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Click here for the MRI Suite Safety Calculator

MRI safety is a multivalent issue, involving clinical, operational, and physical interventions. MR imaging providers often benefit from consultations with safety experts to identify and correct safety lapses in such a way that the protections do not negatively interfere with throughput or clinical practice.

If your score caught you by surprise, then it's time to take a close look at your facility, your clinical practices, and your operational standards.

By Tobias Gilk contributing writer
February 8, 2007

Reprinted from by permission of the authors. If you would like more information on any aspect of MR facility design or safety, please contact Robert Junk or Tobias Gilk at Jünk Architects.

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