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2005 11 09 15 27 22 706

Multimodality vendor Siemens will focus on enhancements to its 3-tesla Magnetom Trio and ultrawide-bore 1.5-tesla Magnetom Espree MRI scanners.

2005 11 09 15 27 22 706 Siemens, headquartered in Malvern, PA, has added its Tim (Total imaging matrix) surface coil concept to Trio. Tim covers the patient with up to 102 integrated coil elements with as many as 32 RF channels. This enables more advanced applications to be done with greater efficiency, as new coils do not have to be swapped in and out.

Tim provides high-resolution imaging of local areas of interest and anatomical coverage of up to 182 cm. Tim for Trio became commercially available in April 2005.

On Espree, Siemens will highlight a 70-cm magnet bore opening, 125-cm length, and 30 cm of headroom above the patient's head. This configuration makes the system suitable for imaging claustrophobic, elderly, pediatric, and obese patients, according to the company.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 10, 2005

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