ONI Medical Systems

This developer of dedicated extremity MRI scanners will demonstrate OrthOne XT, a new configuration of its OrthOne superconducting 1-tesla scanner. The model features new operating software, a new patient imaging coil, and other enhancements.


ONI of Andover, MA, has beefed up the computer supporting OrthOne XT, adding Version 2.0 software, a larger 80-GB hard drive, a new 19-inch display, and a double-sided DVD drive with 9.4 GB of storage. Available options for the scanner include support for DICOM Worklist service class, a 160-mm high-signal-to-noise ratio patient imaging coil, and an ergonomic patient ottoman. The unit also has a new helium compressor and cold head, as well as a new magnet-monitoring unit.

The first OrthOne XT was shipped to an imaging facility in Oslo, Norway, in October, with regular commercial shipments scheduled to begin in the current calendar quarter. The scanner will be priced at $495,000.

Relevant clinical applications for the system include dedicated extremity MRI imaging of the elbow, hand, wrist, knee, ankle, and foot, with or without contrast, according to the company.

By Brian Casey
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 15, 2004

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