United Imaging updates PET reconstruction at SNMMI

2020 02 05 17 09 8620 United Imaging Rsna 2019 400

United Imaging is launching two new data reconstruction tools for PET at this week's Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) virtual meeting.

HyperDPR (deep progressive reconstruction) is an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that was trained on high-count, total-body PET data. The company believes that using HyperDPR will help clinicians detect smaller lesions and improve PET's quantitative accuracy.

Meanwhile, Hyper Focus is designed to reduce respiratory motion and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of PET scans by creating a single PET image that's registered to the CT image using 100% of the acquired PET.

HyperDPR and Hyper Focus on the company's uMI 550 and uMI 780 PET/CT systems in the U.S. They will also be made available to the company's installed base of PET/CT scanners without charge.

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