Siemens launches Somatom Pro.Pulse CT scanner

Siemens Healthineers is launching a new dual-source CT scanner, Somatom Pro.Pulse, which the company said is more accessible for smaller and rural facilities as well as outpatient diagnostic centers.

The new scanner demonstrates lower lifecycle costs due to an improved cooling system and more efficient power consumption, according to Siemens.

Dual-source CT scanners use two radiation tubes and detectors each, which allows for high temporal resolution and limits image artifacts from breathing or motion of the heart. The use of tin filters keeps radiation dose low while maintaining image quality. However, adoption of dual-source CT has been limited by higher lifecycle costs.

Siemens said that when used with the intelligent workflow of the company's myExam Companion, Somatom Pro.Pulse simplifies exams while personalizing scanning for each patient. The dual-source CT scanner optimizes scan parameters based on patient data from the myExam Companion for a specific scan protocol. From there, the fully assisting scanner technologies (FAST) 3D camera automatically performs patient positioning to help reduce the time clinicians spend on routine tasks.

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