Video from ECR 2016: Mats Danielsson on CT dose

2016 03 04 15 39 37 230 Ecr 2016 Video Danielsson Mats

VIENNA - What's a medical physicist's take on CT dose reduction? To find out, we asked Mats Danielsson, PhD, professor and head of the research group in medical imaging at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and director for the Center for Life Sciences Imaging at KTH-Karolinska. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward at ECR 2016, he also speaks about the Karolinska, following the recent case of alleged fraud.

Dr. Mats Danielsson on CT dose, plus alleged fraud at the Karolinska.

Video produced by Christof. G. Pelz I GRAFIFANT Creation. Grafik. Photo I

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