Italian colon study to use CAD as primary reader

A province in Italy is launching a new research project to screen residents for colon cancer using virtual colonoscopy and computer-aided detection (CAD) software as a primary reader.

The Proteus project will include 26,000 patients in Italy's Piedmont region as part of the province's cancer prevention efforts. Under the project, residents will undergo virtual colonoscopy scans at local clinics, with image data sent to centralized locations for CAD interpretation using the CAD-Colon software from Italian software developer im3D of Turin.

Results of the study will be compared to the existing method for colon cancer screening in Piedmont, which relies on fecal occult blood tests (FOBT) and sigmoidoscopy. The project is valued at 4.7 million euros ($7.5 million U.S.) over the next two years and is being sponsored by the Piedmont provincial government, im3D, and the University of Turin.

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