Report: CT volume rises, budgets drop

The number of CT procedures continues to rise in the U.S., although hospitals are allocating less money to capital equipment budgets for new scanner purchases.

In its new report, market research firm IMV Medical Information Division of Des Plaines, IL, estimates that 7,640 hospitals performed approximately 68.7 million CT procedures in 2007, compared with 50.1 million procedures in 2003. This represents an annual growth rate of 8% per year.

From 2000 to 2008, the proportion of CT sites with no money budgeted for CT scanners increased from 51% to 83%. Purchasing activity of new scanners appears to have slowed, as CT sites focus on more efficient utilization of existing equipment, according to Lorna Young, senior director of market research at IMV.

The IMV report also noted that over the last five years the number of multislice CT units has risen from 27% of the installed base in 2002 to 81% in 2007.

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