Week in review: Minnies finalists announced | Benefits of a new reporting style | ASTRO 2023 coverage

Each year, AuntMinnie.com recognizes excellence in radiology through the Minnies, and it's no wonder that our top story this week was a roundup of the finalists for 2023. Based on nominations from our members, our finalists were drawn from hundreds of candidates across 15 categories. 

Our second most-read story outlined research conducted by a team from Miami, FL, that found that a new structured dictation style using voice commands could improve the accuracy of radiologists in reporting their findings. Navigate over to our Imaging Informatics community for coverage of research on how an MRI-based algorithm can differentiate between spinal pathologies, how radiology departments can hack a gaming mouse for PACS, and how to use an AI model that alerts emergency physicians to life-threatening diseases on chest x-rays.

Additionally, check out our coverage of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) meeting, held October 1 to 4 in San Diego. Our third most popular story this week, posted in our Radiation Therapy/Oncology community, highlighted research from the meeting that showed how a short radiation treatment protocol for prostate cancer is just as effective as a conventional one. Also take a look at our interview with ASTRO president Jeff Michalski, MD, during which he discussed insights generated at a recent meeting of the President's Cancer Panel, which is part of the Biden administration's National Cancer Plan. Then, find out what researchers have to say about what prevents the use of short prostate radiotherapy protocols – despite growing evidence (as suggested by the ASTRO research, above) that they offer patients effective and convenient treatment.

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