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A recent study out of Australia has set our teeth on edge: According to researchers from the University of Western Australia in Perth, women who indulged in chocolate on a daily basis had weaker, thinner bones than women who didn't take a break with a Kit Kat bar.

To that we say balderdash! This report seems like anti-cacao propaganda perpetuated by the hard-candy coalition or the bubble-gum brigade. We have no intention of giving up our chocoholic ways. Instead, we'll counteract any alleged ill-effects by downing a glass of fat-free milk with our Kisses.

Having gotten that out of our system, we move on to the real treat: our Insider Exclusive article. As MSK imaging experts, you are no doubt aware that even the most stringent MR exam misses meniscal tears. We talked with Dr. Arthur De Smet from the University of Wisconsin in Madison about why diagnosing meniscal tears is so very thorny. Click here to read more on Dr. De Smet's research and observations.

You can also visit the Musculoskeletal Imaging Digital Community for an article on an anterior approach for knee arthrography. MSK radiologists in France have used this technique with great results for the past 30 years.

Moving superior and inferior to the knee, check out a couple of stories on ultrasound for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome and foot muscle atrophy in diabetics.

And on the osteoporosis front, find out how a single bone mineral density measurement can predict incident vertebral fractures over 15 years, as well as why low testosterone is a risk factor for osteoporotic fractures in older men. Maybe some chocolates would perk up these fellows?

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