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Radiology residency is surely one of the hardest professional jobs out there. And it may well reach its apex of difficulty at the beginning of the second year, when new residents transition from their clinical year to full-time imaging.

At this point, residents' reading and organizational knowledge may still be a little shaky, but demands and responsibilities are growing exponentially. In short, it's time for boot camp.

Program directors in Little Rock, AR, have implemented a program that has impressed residents with its usefulness, while teaching them much-needed survival skills in radiology. The one-month immersion combines lectures, reading practice, trust building, and social activities to help new radiologists start out on the right track -- and hopefully survive to pass the boards. Read more about this innovative program in this issue's Insider Exclusive, brought to you before our other members can access it.

Then there are those who apparently know how to do things the right way, but can't be bothered. According to a new report in Academic Radiology, disruptive physicians and sometimes residents are costing healthcare facilities millions of dollars a year, while leading to higher staff turnover, medication errors, and more. Almost three-fourths of facilities report disruptive behavior at least once a month. Find out more here.

Whether they're troublemakers or hard workers, radiologists and trainees are as likely as ever to be white and male, according to a study that tracked minority participation in radiology over nearly a decade. For new numbers on female and minority participation in the specialty -- and some speculation about the current state of affairs -- click here.

And wouldn't you know it, senior residents make fewer errors than their less experienced colleagues, according to a study in Emergency Radiology. To avoid missing important stories (like your less experienced colleagues), we invite you to scroll down for more news -- right here in your Residents Digital Community.

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