ASRT: More students enroll in radiology in 2018

2019 01 23 22 06 3907 Radiographer Workstation Smiling 400

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) is reporting an uptick in the number of students enrolled in radiography, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy educational programs in 2018.

The ASRT survey of program directors counted an estimated 16,374 students in radiography programs in 2018, which averages 22.4 students per program. That number is up from an average of 21.7 in 2017.

Nuclear medicine technology programs had an average of 11.0 students last year, compared with an average of 10.9 students per program in 2017. Radiation therapy programs also recorded an increase in enrollment. Those programs averaged 12.4 enrollees in 2018, compared with an average of 10.5 students in 2017.

"Our survey results show a modest increase each year since 2014 in the number of students enrolled in radiography programs and some fluctuations in radiation therapy and nuclear medicine programs," said John Culbertson, the ASRT's director of research. "Looking ahead, most of the program directors surveyed say they plan to maintain their current levels of enrollment with no increase, so we'll continue to monitor trends to see if it continues in 2019."

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