Texas-based radiologist retires after 6 decades in field

Melvyn Schreiber, MD, a diagnostic radiology specialist based in Galveston, TX, celebrated his retirement December 23 after over 60 years in the field. 

Schreiber was one of the first radiology residents at the University of Texas Medical Branch and held leadership positions on campus, according to an article published in the Galveston County-based The Daily News.

Schreiber graduated from the University of Texas and finished medical school in 1951 and later specialized in implementing X-ray imaging techniques within the school's curriculum, the article stated. He also became the first Markle Foundation Scholar from the university in 1963.

Among other career highlights, Schreiber became an associate professor at the university's Galveston campus in 1964, then full professor and chairman of radiology in 1967. At the university, he developed and taught a required radiology elective to help students with new imaging technologies and he strived for positive physician-patient relationships, the article continued. 

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