Physicians Online

Physicians are spending more time online. Of the average of 8 hours per week doctors reported spending online, they devote about three to medical activities. And, fully 90% of doctors online reported that they research clinical information on the Internet, while about 80% said that they read journal articles online. Also gaining acceptance are interactive formats for sharing information such as online conferences and online courses for CME.

Beyond Information Delivery
In the near future, physicians will use the Internet to help in their daily patient care and administration of clinics, hospitals and imaging centers. Physicians are beginning to actively seek patient-care tools online including electronic medical records. Privacy and connectivity concerns have kept physicians from exploring many clinical uses of the Internet

Futurists such as Alice Pentland, MD, medical director of the Center for Future Health at the University of Rochester (Rochester, New York), predict that 90% of physicians will routinely access comprehensive clinical information systems from any location by 2010.

A study conducted in February 2001, by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that 22% of the physicians in the survey are using some type of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) system to enter and access information about their patients' medical histories and treatments. Another 20% said they expected to adopt this capability within the next 18 months. An impressive 92% of users reported the EMRs have improved their overall efficiency, while 88% said they have improved the quality of the care they deliver to patients. About half of the users in both cases described the impact as major.
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