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Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, announce new products, or test a variety of marketing intitiatives, banner advertisements are an effective tool. banner ad sponsorships provide our advertising partners with a direct line of communication with more than 89,000 radiologists and medical imaging professionals worldwide.

If you would like information regarding online advertising and general tips on creating more effective ads, click here.

AuntMinnie offers three classifications of banner advertisements including:


Run-of-site advertisements rotate randomly throughout the site. The constant rotation of ads allows advertisers maximum exposure to the AuntMinnie audience reaching across all demographic segments of our membership.

Example, as you click through each of these sections listed below you'll see that the banners rotate between various sponsors.
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Front Page Inline Advertisement

An inline ad refers to an advertisement placed within active content. Front page inline advertisements have proven to be highly effective for advertisers on Run times are short and changed frequently to keep content fresh and relevant.

Example - our current front/home page has a variety of Front-Page-In-Line advertisements.
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Real-Time Advertising Results Reporting

All advertisers on are provided online access to the performance data of their advertising campaigns. The performance results can be viewed in real-time allowing our advertising partners to make necessary changes and tweaks immediately.

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