Fujifilm's x-ray system connected with Qure.ai algorithm

2020 01 22 18 27 0444 Fujifilm Rsna 2019 400

Fujifilm's India business unit has announced that its portable x-ray FDR Xair system is now equipped with Qure.ai's qXR artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm.

The qXR technology automatically analyzes x-rays in a few seconds. It is available in the following four packages:

    • qXR-COVID-19, which monitors lung density changes
    • qXR-lung nodule, which detects pulmonary nodules, enabling early detection of metastatic lung cancer
    • qXR-TB, which aids in reducing wait times for confirmatory tests for diseases such as tuberculosis
    • qXR-critical care, which detects misplaced catheters and tubes

    Fujifilm India will be outfitting FDR Xair systems with an EX-Mobile image processing box that enables the system to connect with qXR software.

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