Realize, Logitech partner for VR medical modeling

By staff writers

July 10, 2020 -- Advanced visualization software developer company Realize Medical and Logitech are teaming up to enhance Realize's Elucis virtual reality (VR) platform for creating 3D medical models.

Through the partnership, users will be able to use Logitech's VR Ink Pilot Edition stylus to draw directly on 3D images created in Elucis. The combination will facilitate intuitive medical image viewing and modeling by enabling users to draw precisely and directly in the platform, according to Realize.

The Elucis VR platform
The Elucis VR platform. Image courtesy of Realize Medical.

Based in VR, Elucis converts medical images into 3D models that can be used for 3D printing and other advanced visualization applications, Realize said.

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