Realize Medical debuts VR collaboration tool

2020 06 16 16 00 9207 Virtual Reality Doctors 400

Advanced visualization software developer Realize Medical has released support for fully integrated, remote networked collaboration in its Elucis medical virtual reality (VR) platform.

Elucis users can now safely "meet" their peers in a secure, collaborative VR environment. The virtual environment allows for full simultaneous creation and editing of 3D models from medical images. A project database can be stored on a network drive or an institutionally approved cloud storage drive. If users choose to collaborate externally, they can export an Elucis project and share it with their collaborators.

To maximize security, the telemetry facilitating the remote interactions never contains image or 3D structure data, plus voice communication is always encrypted, Realize Medical said. That means personal health information and image data are accessed only by users.

Ottawa Hospital in Canada is already using the virtual reality technology, Realize Medical said.

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