RSNA 2021 News
Myocarditis linked to COVID-19 affects small number of athletes
November 29, 2021 -- Heart inflammation linked to COVID-19 affects nearly 2.5% of college athletes, according to research being presented at the RSNA annual meeting.  Discuss
F-18 fluoroestradiol tracer useful for diagnosing breast cancer
November 28, 2021 -- F-18 fluoroestradiol PET/CT imaging could improve patient management in women with invasive lobular carcinoma breast cancer, according to a presentation Sunday morning at the RSNA 2021 meeting.  Discuss
Photon-counting CT scanner paces Siemens at RSNA 2021
November 28, 2021 -- A new photon-counting CT scanner called Naeotom Alpha is the main attraction at the RSNA 2021 booth of Siemens Healthineers this week. The company is also highlighting new product launches in MRI, conventional CT, software for women's health, and other modalities.  Discuss
DBT maintains screening benefits over time
November 28, 2021 -- Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) has shown itself to be a valid, beneficial breast imaging technology over a decade after it first became commercially available, according to research presented Sunday at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting.  Discuss
Chest CT gauges COVID-19 disease severity, mortality risk
November 28, 2021 -- As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, chest CT has proved to be a valuable tool not only for diagnosing COVID-19 but also for predicting outcomes. On Sunday at RSNA 2021, investigators shared study results that further demonstrated CT's effectiveness for assessing disease severity and patients' risk of death.  Discuss
Will cancer death rates increase in wake of COVID-19?
November 24, 2021 -- During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of CT scans performed for cancer screening fell by 82%, while CT scans for other uses dropped as well, according to research to be presented at the upcoming RSNA 2021 meeting.  Discuss
How to shop for AI, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021
November 24, 2021 -- Imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo shares his tips for how to shop for artificial intelligence (AI) software, PACS, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021.  Discuss
MRI scans show how autism affects young brains over time
November 23, 2021 -- Researchers from Yale University have found that autism affects the microstructure of white matter in the brains of adolescents and young adults over time as indicated on MRI scans. The study results are being presented at the upcoming RSNA 2021 meeting.  Discuss
Philips launches new MRI scanners on eve of RSNA 2021
November 23, 2021 -- With the start of RSNA 2021 one week away, Philips is launching new 1.5-tesla and 3-tesla MRI scanners, as well as software-based workflow enhancements that are designed to enable radiology facilities to operate more efficiently.  Discuss
Breast MRI shows effects of IUDs on body
November 22, 2021 -- Breast MRI shows that intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) have systemic effects on the body and not just the uterus. The phenomenon could affect the accuracy of breast MRI, according to research being presented at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting.  Discuss
November 24, 2021 -- MRI technology was launched into the world of imaging 50 years ago. In the decades since, the modality has become a key part of patient care. RSNA attendees will have numerous opportunities to learn about the benefits of MRI.
November 23, 2021 -- Presentations specific to COVID-19 are among the molecular imaging scientific sessions offered at RSNA 2021. Attendees will also enjoy research in oncologic and brain imaging, radionuclide therapy, PET radiopharmaceuticals, technical advances, and more.
November 22, 2021 -- Our next destination on the Road to RSNA is imaging informatics -- specifically, enterprise imaging, cybersecurity, structured reporting, clinical decision support, analytics, radiomics, and issues regarding patient access to radiology results.
November 18, 2021 -- CT is a dynamic imaging modality that's used for a range of applications and, thus, is a key part of the healthcare enterprise. At this year's RSNA meeting, CT will be featured in a variety of sessions that tackle everything from how to incorporate artificial intelligence into CT imaging to the development of new technologies such as photon-counting CT.
November 17, 2021 -- Experts suggest one reason digital x-ray is an attractive modality to researchers developing artificial intelligence models is that large patient datasets are more available than in other modalities. The chest radiographs used in data analysis for the studies we've highlighted in this Road to RSNA section alone number in the hundreds of thousands.
November 16, 2021 -- At RSNA 2021, attendees will have the chance to learn about new and improved ways to detect and diagnose breast cancers, screening methods that combine multiple imaging modalities, the role of artificial intelligence in reducing false positives and improving accuracy, the continued emergence of digital breast tomosynthesis, abbreviated breast MRI, and more.
November 15, 2021 -- Welcome to the first installment of this year's Road to RSNA preview of the RSNA 2021 meeting, which will return to McCormick Place after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fittingly, our journey along the Road to RSNA begins with our preview of artificial intelligence.