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RMT features portable teleultrasound system at RSNA 2017

By staff writers
November 30, 2017

Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) is showcasing its iMedHD2 portable teleultrasound system at RSNA 2017 in Chicago.

The iMedHD2 system remotely transmits images using cellular technology and is packaged in a heavy-duty but portable case that weighs approximately 20 lb. The molded case uses components that are especially sensitive to cellular connections and will often establish connectivity in locations where mobile phones can't, the firm said.

The firm also launched the RMTConnect application for iOS, which contains all the features of iMedHD2, and allows users to participate in live streaming of HD video and audio sessions from their iPhone or iPad. Moderators allow guest participants to join an online collaboration, jointly annotate images, and record snapshots and movies for instant image sharing and decision-making among collaborating experts.

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