ECR 2014 News
Controversy breaks out over how to study cell death in cancer
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - When Dr. Uwe Haberkorn drew breath after his ECR presentation during a New Horizons session on imaging the hallmarks of cancer, he probably didn't anticipate the lively debate that was to follow.  Discuss
Russia pursues reform of TB screening system
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Incidence and management of tuberculosis (TB) in Russia are much mystified and misunderstood, according to Dr. Igor Tyurin. But new modalities have started to modify radiology's diagnostic approach to the disease, he told delegates at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Use MRI to diagnose PIP breast implant ruptures, Dutch say
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - MRI has high accuracy in diagnosing rupture in silicone breast implants, ECR 2014 delegates learned on Saturday morning. This is particularly useful as many women are being imaged regardless of symptoms due to the recent recall of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) silicone breast implants.  Discuss
Specific training needed to build radiology expertise
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - What do expert radiologists know that less experienced radiologists don't? How to search through images and what to look for, Irish researchers reported during a presentation on Saturday at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger on radiology jobs in the Middle East
March 8, 2014 -- Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger, from the Medical University of Graz in Austria, discusses the growing employment opportunities for Western radiologists in the Middle East. He also shares his own experience of working and living with his family in the United Arab Emirates, and offers some advice for those considering working in the region.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2014: Dr. Emanuele Neri on EuSoMII
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - Dr. Emanuele Neri, president of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII), discusses the recent changes the organization has undergone and also the hot informatics topics of tablet use and teleradiology at ECR 2014.  Discuss
European lung screening: Proceed with caution
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - Europe might not be ready to start screening all high-risk individuals for lung cancer, according to Friday talks at ECR 2014 that addressed the question from both the U.S. and European perspectives.  Discuss
MRI reveals the human connectome
March 8, 2014 -- VIENNA - Researchers are now better able to understand how brain neurons connect with one another and how disease affects these connections. Maps of neural connections from MRI are vital to this task. A dedicated New Horizons session covered this fascinating topic on Friday at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2014: Dr. Catherine Mandel on errors in radiology
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - Dr. Catherine Mandel from Australia talks about the Radiology Events Register, an international database of errors and adverse incidents in radiology, and discusses common types of radiology errors, as well as how to avoid them, at ECR 2014.  Discuss
'Opportunity' knocking for women demanding mammograms
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - Opportunistic screening accounts for nearly a quarter of all referred mammograms in the Netherlands. And contrary to expectations, there is no difference among age groups, delegates at ECR 2014 learned on Friday morning.  Discuss