ECR 2014 News
Zonare launches transducer at ECR 2014
March 10, 2014 -- Zonare launched a new high-frequency transducer this week at ECR 2014.
New model for CKD screening cuts eGFR redundancies in half
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Because of the proportion of false positives in predicting chronic kidney disease (CKD) in patients undergoing contrast-enhanced CT, the current combination of all risk factors is inaccurate, delegates at ECR 2014 learned. A less elaborate model cuts estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) redundancies by 50%.  Discuss
Multimodality vendors launch scanners at ECR 2014
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - In the past, ECR languished in the shadow of Chicago's RSNA show when it came to new product introductions. But ECR is slowly coming into its own, as indicated by new product launches from the major multimodality companies at this week's congress.  Discuss
Use of mobile devices in radiology requires extra care
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly being employed in radiology applications, but users must take heed of crucial technical factors that can affect their performance for viewing images, according to a Saturday presentation at ECR 2014.  Discuss
CT scanners show better agreement on risk than on CAC scores
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - State-of-the-art CT scanners produce widely divergent coronary artery calcium (CAC) scores, but at least they substantially agree on the risk levels of individuals undergoing the scans, according to a Saturday presentation at ECR 2014. However, even the risk agreement isn't strong enough.  Discuss
Experts chew the fat on obesity, services for larger patients
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Ground-breaking applications of functional imaging techniques can help radiologists play their part in the fight against the emerging obesity pandemic. In particular, MR elastography is showing promise in the early detection of disease, attendees were told at Saturday's State-of-the-Art Symposium at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Tread cautiously with MR-guided prostate biopsies
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - MR-guided biopsies of the prostate should only be performed in select patients, and it's vital to keep aware of false-negative results. Also, an urgent need exists for robust multicenter trials of targeted biopsies of the prostate, ECR 2014 delegates learned during a Special Focus session on Saturday.  Discuss
de Roos lists essential ingredients for research success
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - The future well-being of radiology hinges not on where the specialty will go, but on what role radiologists will play in the delivery of healthcare and how they can stimulate the research enterprise, according to a presentation by Albert de Roos, PhD, on Saturday at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Ultrasound offers answers in tumor therapy evaluation
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - A multicenter study of 500 patients using dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound nudges radiologists further toward standardization in functional evaluation of tumor perfusion, which until recently was lacking in the toolkit of oncologic imaging specialists, French researchers reported at ECR 2014.  Discuss
Survival guide to giving evidence in court
March 9, 2014 -- VIENNA - Medical imaging professionals need to understand what is at stake when carrying out procedures on children as they can encounter some sensitive situations, experts said during a dedicated Refresher Course at ECR 2014.  Discuss