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When it comes to pediatrics, you want to give the best care with the least dose possible. That's why we are thrilled to announce the FDA has cleared our claims of dose reduction for our new S-VueTM algorithm by up to 45%, without any
loss of image quality.*

Yes, up to 45%. And the image quality is still exquisite.
S-Vue?: A new low for the littles
With advanced noise reduction algorithm in S-VueTM image processing engine, we are able to significantly cut dose without sacrificing image quality. That means even the smallest of patients can be spared from unnecessary dose.

And the images don't lie.
S-Vue™: A new low for the littles
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Continued Commitment for Low-Dose
At Samsung, we are constantly working to lower dose exposure in X-ray scans to push ALARA efforts to the next level for healthcare professionals. Ensuring dose reduction is available in pediatrics is an example of that commitment.
* Note : The claim concerning Samsung DR is based on limited phantom and clinical study results. Only routine PA chest radiography and abdominal radiography for average adults and pediatric abdominal, chest, skull radiography were studied, excluding pediatric patients under 1 month old.(FDA cleared - K172229, K182183) In practice, the values of dose reduction may vary accordingly. These clinical images calculates the dose reduction rate from its own standard dose at the clinical site, unlike our FDA claim which compares dose between new IPE and old IPE. The clinical site is responsible for determining whether the particular radiographic imaging needs are not impacted by such x-ray dose reduction.
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