PET/CT radiomics could help select patients for immunotherapy
January 26, 2023 -- A PET/CT-based radiomics model appears promising for preselecting patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who may benefit from immunotherapy, according to a study published online January 22 in EJNMMI Research. Read More
AI method shows promise for detecting active tuberculosis on x-ray
January 26, 2023 -- Researchers in India have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model for detecting active tuberculosis on chest x-rays, and they suggest that the approach offers significant potential for real-world applications in locations with limited resources. Read More
Bone x-ray scans predict fracture risk in psoriatic arthritis patients
January 26, 2023 -- Bone mineral density x-ray exams should be performed regularly in patients with psoriatic arthritis as they face a higher risk of falls and fractures, a team of Hungarian researchers has found. Read More
CT plus AI helps predict heart disease in diabetic patients
January 26, 2023 -- Combining CT results with artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps clinicians assess diabetic patients' coronary artery disease risk, according to a study published January 23 in Cardiovascular Diabetology. Read More
Fewer movements on ultrasound are just fine for pancreatic biopsy
January 25, 2023 -- Making fewer to-and-fro movements may be just fine for endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsy for solid pancreatic tumors, a study published January 24 in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy found. Read More
Researchers develop ultrasound 'tornado' technique to treat blood clots
January 25, 2023 -- Researchers recently developed a technique that creates an ultrasound "tornado" in order to treat acute blood clots inside the brain. Preliminary testing shows promising results in patients with a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Read More
PET imaging effective for guiding treatment of pediatric brain cancer
January 25, 2023 -- PET imaging can help guide treatment decisions in children with brain tumors when cranial MRI exams fail to provide clinicians with enough information, according to a research team in Germany. Read More
CT unlocks secrets of golden boy mummy
January 25, 2023 -- Scientists have "digitally unwrapped" a 2,300-year-old mummy known as golden boy. He was bedecked with 49 amulets intended to protect him as he journeyed into the afterlife, according to a report published on January 24 in Frontiers in Medicine. Read More
PET shows unique lung inflammation due to e-cigarettes
January 24, 2023 -- Researchers have performed the first PET imaging study in electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) users, and the findings point to a unique inflammatory response due to vaping, they suggest. Read More
Diffusion kurtosis imaging helps identify cognitive impairment
January 24, 2023 -- The MRI technique of diffusion kurtosis imaging shows promise for identifying mild cognitive impairment among individuals exposed to environmental toxins, a study published January 21 in Academic Radiology has found. Read More
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