How ultrasound can help speed up winemaking
November 24, 2021 -- Radiologists may not want to take their work home with them, but with the holiday season approaching, what if you could try a glass of wine "treated" with ultrasound to improve its taste and sensation? Read More
Will cancer death rates increase in wake of COVID-19?
November 24, 2021 -- During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of CT scans performed for cancer screening fell by 82%, while CT scans for other uses dropped as well, according to research to be presented at the upcoming RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
How to shop for AI, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021
November 24, 2021 -- Imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo shares his tips for how to shop for artificial intelligence (AI) software, PACS, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021. Read More
PET/MRI proves valuable in difficult epilepsy cases
November 24, 2021 -- PET/MRI can identify the brain lesions causing seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy when standard approaches fail, according to research published November 20 in Epilepsy Research. The findings may offer hope for patients for whom surgery is often the only treatment option. Read More
Emerging medical imaging technology will improve healthcare disparities
November 24, 2021 -- Recent advances in medical imaging technology have the potential to transform global healthcare, saving and improving the lives of millions. MVision Medical Devices CEO Ron Weinberger, PhD explains his perspective. Read More
Can dental images help prevent strokes?
November 24, 2021 -- Dental surgeons and oral radiologists may be able to detect a serious condition that can cause a stroke as an incidental finding on images taken prior to dental treatment, according to a study published on November 17 in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
VA says veteran died after delayed lung cancer diagnosis
November 23, 2021 -- Poor oversight of resident physicians may have contributed to the death of a patient with lung cancer at a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in New Mexico. A VA report on the case said the patient waited twice as long for a follow-up CT scan as should have been the case. Read More
MRI scans show how autism affects young brains over time
November 23, 2021 -- Researchers from Yale University have found that autism affects the microstructure of white matter in the brains of adolescents and young adults over time as indicated on MRI scans. The study results are being presented at the upcoming RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
PET links psychological stress and asthma
November 23, 2021 -- PET imaging of brain activity in people with asthma shows that psychological stress is involved in triggering asthma attacks, according to a study published November 17 in Biological Psychology. Read More
Philips launches new MRI scanners on eve of RSNA 2021
November 23, 2021 -- With the start of RSNA 2021 one week away, Philips is launching new 1.5-tesla and 3-tesla MRI scanners, as well as software-based workflow enhancements that are designed to enable radiology facilities to operate more efficiently. Read More
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