Most MRI-related adverse events are preventable
August 23, 2019 -- A review of more than 1,500 adverse events over 10 years in MRI suites reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that many of these incidents are preventable, according to a study published online August 16 in Medical Physics.  Discuss
Clinicians may prefer audiovisual radiology reports
August 23, 2019 -- If given the choice, referring physicians would appreciate receiving recorded audiovisual radiology reports with radiologists on video explaining key findings while sharing screen captures from their radiology workstations, according to research published online August 20 in the Journal of Digital Imaging.  Discuss
Colo. radiologist scales the world's highest summits
August 22, 2019 -- With only one more mountain to go, Colorado radiologist Dr. Peter Lowry is on pace to scale the tallest summit in each of the seven continents of the world before year's end. His motivation? Reinvigoration for a relatively sedentary line of work that often demands long hours spent indoors.  Discuss
FDA adds transducer check to ultrasound guidance
August 22, 2019 -- New ultrasound transducers should include an integrated quality control check that runs every time the probe is turned on, according to final guidance issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 22.  Discuss
3T MRI can identify visual sign to distinguish MS
August 22, 2019 -- European researchers have identified a visual sign on 3-tesla MR images that effectively diagnoses and distinguishes multiple sclerosis (MS) from other conditions with similar symptoms, according to a study published August 19 in JAMA Neurology.  Discuss
Cities in New England have highest breast screening rates
August 22, 2019 -- It's not just rural areas that are susceptible to disparities in screening mammography, but cities too -- with metropolitan areas in New England having the highest rates of mammography use, while cities in the Mountain region have the lowest, according to a study published August 20 in Radiology.  Discuss
AJR publishes primer on gender affirmation surgery
August 22, 2019 -- Radiologists should consider multiple issues when analyzing medical images used as part of gender affirmation surgeries, according to a primer on the topic issued online ahead of print on August 15 by the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
USPSTF calls for more BRCA1/2 genetic screening, testing
August 21, 2019 -- Broader recommendations on screening for BRCA1/2 genetic mutations published by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) on August 20 represent a vote of confidence for more testing, which has been widely viewed as underused.  Discuss
3D models advance therapy for heart rhythm disorders
August 21, 2019 -- 3D heart models based on MRI scans allowed for the virtual simulation of existing and future irregular heartbeats in patients with atrial fibrillation in a new study, published online August 19 in Nature Biomedical Engineering. The models helped pinpoint distinct regions in the patients' heart that would benefit most from ablation therapy.  Discuss
Which nuclear modality has the lowest dose for CHD?
August 21, 2019 -- Reducing radiation exposure from myocardial perfusion imaging is a key priority, especially for congenital heart disease (CHD) patients who face repetitive scanning. Which nuclear imaging modality and radiotracer are best for this task is the subject of a study published August 12 in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology.  Discuss
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