AI could improve image quality of FAST exams
March 28, 2023 -- A deep-learning algorithm could improve the imaging quality of Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) among novice users, according to a report published March 28 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
New sciatica treatment promising in patients with disk herniation
March 28, 2023 -- CT-guided pulsed radiofrequency combined with steroid injection appears promising for relieving pain in patients with lumbar disk herniation, according to a study published March 28 in Radiology. Read More
New breast elastography algorithm avoids false-negative cases
March 28, 2023 -- A new breast shear-wave elastography software algorithm can help to avoid false-negative breast cancer cases, according to findings presented March 28 at UltraCon in Orlando, FL. Read More
Does ChatGPT have a role in clinical radiology?
March 28, 2023 -- ChatGPT could become a significant aid in clinical radiology, according to a team at George Washington University in Washington, DC. They discussed the chatbot's potential benefits in a paper published March 25 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
In 2023 and beyond, AI is redefining radiology
March 28, 2023 -- In the field of healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) isn't replacing humans. It's enabling humans to devote more of their time to the work that only humans can do. Read More
Out-of-pocket costs persist as barrier to breast imaging
March 27, 2023 -- Despite the removal of cost-sharing from initial breast cancer screening, out-of-pocket costs persist as a barrier for early breast cancer diagnosis, a study published March 27 in JAMA Network Open found. Read More
Ultrasound, AI method diagnoses breast lumps without experts
March 27, 2023 -- Combining volume sweep imaging for breast ultrasound with artificial intelligence (AI) could make way for rapid and automated diagnosis of breast lumps without a sonographer or a radiologist, suggest findings presented March 26 at UltraCon. Read More
Simple x-ray protocol reduces radiation in obese patients
March 27, 2023 -- Having obese patients use handheld cotton bands to move belly fat during pelvic x-ray exams can reduce their radiation exposure and improve image quality, according to a study published March 17 in Radiography. Read More
Educational intervention improves trauma CT workflow in the ED
March 27, 2023 -- Educational and imaging protocol interventions can improve CT trauma exam turnaround time in the emergency department (ED), according to a study published March 22 in the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. Read More
How can AI deliver ROI, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction?
March 27, 2023 -- The return on investment (ROI) for artificial intelligence (AI) technology hasn't always been clear in healthcare. In a new column, Dr. Sonia Gupta of Change Healthcare shares how AI can provide both an ROI and improved patient care. Read More