Bolivia opens nuclear medicine research center
August 11, 2022 -- Bolivia has begun pilot operations at a nuclear research center on the outskirts of La Paz -- a location more than 13,000 feet above sea level. The facility is the highest-altitude site in the world producing radioisotopes for use in medicine, according to an August 9 report in World Nuclear News. Read More
Geographic factors influence patient access to radiologists
August 11, 2022 -- The northeastern U.S. has a higher ratio of radiologists to population than other areas of the country, while the South has the lowest, a geographic variation that could negatively impact patient access to imaging, suggests an August 9 study in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
Emergency providers don't face much legal risk from POCUS use
August 11, 2022 -- Emergency medicine providers who use point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) don't face much medicolegal risk from their use of the technology, and they may actually be less likely to face malpractice suits, a study published August 8 in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found. Read More
PET/MRI shows promise diagnosing bone infection
August 10, 2022 -- While PET/MRI scanners aren't widely available, a group of orthopedic surgeons in the Netherlands say physicians with access should consider the hybrid modality over other imaging techniques for diagnosing patients with suspected chronic osteomyelitis. Read More
Burnout reduction strategies seem to be falling short for radiologists
August 10, 2022 -- Department-level strategies aimed toward reducing burnout among radiologists aren't leading to measurable improvements in their wellbeing, suggests a study published August 5 in Academic Radiology. Read More
CT lends itself to opportunistic screening for osteoporosis
August 10, 2022 -- Chest CT for indications such as lung cancer screening can also be used to screen for osteopenia or osteoporosis -- especially when an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that identifies regions of interest is added, a study published August 6 in Osteoporosis International suggests. Read More
Diversity in radiology: One step forward, two steps back
August 10, 2022 -- Women are making slow but steady progress edging into leadership roles in radiology. But overall, the specialty is not attracting many more female radiology residents than it did a decade ago, and its efforts at racial diversity are also lagging, says a study published August 9 in Radiology. Read More
Smoking-associated cancer deaths exact heavy toll
August 10, 2022 -- Cancer deaths caused by smoking result in more than 2 million person-years of lost life and nearly $21 billion in annual lost earnings, according to research from the American Cancer Society published August 10 in the International Journal of Cancer. Read More
Patient with cancer receives first 3D-printed titanium jaw
August 10, 2022 -- A patient with head and neck cancer received the first 3D-printed titanium lower jaw in a successful operation, according to an August 4 press release from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The jaw was reconstructed based on the patient's imaging. Read More
PET scans reveal brain activity related to menopause
August 9, 2022 -- PET scans have demonstrated for the first time that only women appear to experience specific cellular neuroinflammation related to aging in the brain's hypothalamus, a process that may be related to menopause, according to a study published on August 3 in Scientific Reports. Read More