Out-of-pocket costs may block women from breast MRI
July 30, 2021 -- The threat of out-of-pocket costs from breast MRI may negatively affect women at greater risk of breast cancer, blocking their access to needed care, according to a study published July 28 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Read More
Proposed Medicare rule would likely bring radiology reimbursement cuts
July 30, 2021 -- Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners reviews the proposed changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2022 and assesses their potential impact on radiology reimbursement. Read More
Ultrasound may not be needed prior to medication abortion
July 30, 2021 -- Not including preabortion ultrasound before medication abortion via telemedicine does not compromise patient safety or result in more ongoing pregnancies, according to research published July 27 in Contraception. Read More
'Redundant imaging' for TIA workup increases in the ED
July 29, 2021 -- The increased compliance of emergency departments (EDs) with specific imaging guidance for diagnosing transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) has also increased "redundant" imaging, according to a new study in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
Junior readers benefit from using two-view DBT for breast lesions
July 29, 2021 -- Less experienced readers benefit from using two-view digital mammography plus digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to characterize breast lesions, according to a French study published July 27 in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
PET/CT may predict outcomes in lung cancer surgery
July 29, 2021 -- FDG-PET/CT can help identify lung cancer patients prior to surgery who may be at higher risk for developing advanced disease, according to research published July 25 in Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Read More
Radiology swings into action at Tokyo Olympics
July 29, 2021 -- Medical imaging is already playing a valuable clinical role in the Tokyo Olympics, and both MRI and ultrasound look set to be essential diagnostic tools right up to the closing ceremony on August 8. Read More
More than 70% of COVID-19 patients develop long-term sequelae
July 28, 2021 -- More than 70% of patients who contract COVID-19 show thickened lung tissue on chest CT exams performed six months later, a group of researchers from Italy reported in an article published online July 27 in Radiology. Read More
Women in rural areas face barriers in breast cancer screening
July 28, 2021 -- Women living in rural areas face multiple barriers to effective breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment, according to research published July 22 in Preventive Medicine. Read More
Medical imaging AI market poised for strong growth
July 28, 2021 -- The world market for medical imaging artificial intelligence (AI) applications is projected to reach almost $1.2 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 26%, according to a new report from Signify Research. Read More
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