A proactive approach can minimize accident risk in MRI exams
August 4, 2021 -- Radiologic technologists can minimize the risk of MRI accidents and ensure patient and staff safety by following best practices and being proactive, according to a talk on August 4 at the AHRA 2021 meeting in Nashville, TN. Read More
Flexible x-ray panels go organic, offer potential in medical imaging
August 4, 2021 -- Organic food is said to be healthier -- and going organic in x-ray imaging could be too, according to research on a newly developed flexible x-ray panel sensor. The study was published online on August 4 in Nano Letters. Read More
Women in radiology continue to face barriers to leadership
August 4, 2021 -- Women in radiology continue to come up against barriers to their advancement into leadership positions, according to a presentation delivered August 3 at the 2021 AHRA meeting in Nashville, TN. Read More
First figures released on imaging of Tokyo Olympics
August 4, 2021 -- Over 200 MRI exams were performed in the polyclinic during the first week of the Tokyo Olympics, and 90% of these scans were for suspected musculoskeletal injuries, chief radiologist Dr. Yukihisa Saida has revealed. Read More
'Scanxiety' over imaging studies is real, but often treatable
August 4, 2021 -- "Scanxiety" among patients with serious disease is common, and it can be severe. But there are ways to soothe patient anxiety for imaging studies, according to research published online August 1 in Supportive Care in Cancer. Read More
Assigning dedicated MRI safety roles can reduce risk
August 3, 2021 -- The most direct step every manager can take toward improving MRI safety is to designate individuals with responsibility for MRI safety best practices, according to an August 3 presentation at the 2021 AHRA meeting in Nashville, TN. Read More
Hospital patient scheduling initiative helps radiology
August 3, 2021 -- A global patient scheduling initiative can yield significant improvements in radiology workflow and metrics in hospitals, as well as enhance staff satisfaction, according to a presentation on August 3 at the 2021 AHRA meeting in Nashville, TN. Read More
Regulatory, cybersecurity updates affect radiology practices
August 3, 2021 -- Workforce training and increased security can help radiology practices navigate the legal landscape while continuing to deliver high-quality care, according to a presentation given August 3 at the 2021 AHRA meeting and exposition in Nashville, TN. Read More
LVO stroke patients benefit from going directly to angiography suite
August 2, 2021 -- Patients with suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO) stroke can have better long-term outcomes if they are transferred directly to the angiography suite for diagnosis upon admission, according to research published online August 2 in JAMA Neurology. Read More
Blend form and function in capital projects, expert advises
August 2, 2021 -- With future capital projects, managers need to consider both the physical components of a piece of equipment and its big-picture integration for efficient patient care, staffing, and throughput, according to an August 2 talk at the 2021 AHRA meeting. Read More