Deep learning plus CT translates to early type 2 diabetes detection
December 9, 2021 -- Using a deep-learning algorithm with CT can identify biomarkers that help clinicians detect type 2 diabetes in patients undergoing the exam for other indications, such as colorectal cancer screening, according to research presented at the recent RSNA meeting. Read More
Structural MRI may hold key to diagnosing CTE in the living
December 9, 2021 -- Structural MRI could help clinicians identify chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in living individuals -- a feat that hasn't really been possible up to now, according to a study published December 7 in Alzheimer's Research & Therapy. Read More
Higher coronary artery calcium scores increase COVID-19 mortality risk
December 9, 2021 -- Patients with COVID-19 who have higher levels of coronary artery calcium face increased risk of death from the disease, according to research presented at the RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
House passes bill to mitigate Medicare cuts
December 8, 2021 -- The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation that would mitigate a significant portion of the Medicare reimbursement cuts that were scheduled to take effect on January 1. Read More
Elastography accurate and reliable for liver fibrosis imaging
December 8, 2021 -- Point shear-wave elastography is accurate and reliable for measuring liver elasticity in chronic liver disease patients who present with fibrosis, according to research presented December 2 at RSNA 2021 in Chicago. Read More
Radiation oncology residents benefit from ultrasound training program
December 8, 2021 -- An ultrasound curriculum with phantom training doubled the knowledge of radiation oncology residents when it came to gynecologic interstitial brachytherapy, according to research published December 4 in Brachytherapy. Read More
Alternative method for diagnosing PE as effective as CTPA
December 8, 2021 -- Diagnosing pulmonary embolism (PE) in the emergency department using D-dimer information shows promise as an alternative to diagnosing the condition via CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA), according to a study published December 7 in JAMA. Read More
Ultrahigh-resolution CT shows how new bone affects cochlear implants
December 7, 2021 -- Researchers have found that a relatively new CT technique -- ultrahigh-spatial-resolution CT -- can reveal the negative effects of new bone formation around cochlear implants, including long-term residual hearing loss, according to a study published December 7 in Radiology. Read More
Researchers raise more concerns about Canadian mammo trials
December 7, 2021 -- New eyewitness accounts further make the case that two Canadian randomized trials conducted in the 1980s should not be used in breast screening meta-analyses or to inform policy, according to commentary published in the Journal of Medical Screening. Read More
PET diagnoses prosthetic joint infection
December 7, 2021 -- A new carbon-11-based PET radiotracer can help diagnose infection in patients with prosthetic joints, a major step toward a noninvasive method for imaging living bacteria in humans, according to research presented at the RSNA 2021 meeting in Chicago. Read More
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