Density notification laws boost breast ultrasound use
March 22, 2019 -- State breast density notification laws that advise women of supplemental screening options increase breast ultrasound use and appear to lead to a modest boost in cancer detection rates, according to a study published online March 21 in the American Journal of Public Health.  Discuss
Annual mammography shows higher recall rate
March 22, 2019 -- Younger women undergoing annual mammography exams had higher recall rates than older women receiving biennial exams, potentially changing the risk-benefit calculation of screening in this younger group, according to a study published online March 18 in European Radiology.  Discuss
7T finds epilepsy abnormalities missed at lower field strengths
March 22, 2019 -- The ultrahigh field strength of 7-tesla MRI can identify brain abnormalities associated with epilepsy better than 1.5-tesla and 3-tesla MRI can, potentially changing the course of treatment for these patients, according to a study published online March 19 in PLOS One.  Discuss
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 83: Circling the drain
March 22, 2019 -- One of the most challenging things about a radiologist's job can be dealing with referring clinicians, especially ones that are particularly obstinate, as Dr. Rankin is in the next installment of #MyRadGirlfriend.  Discuss
AI characterizes breast masses on ultrasound
March 21, 2019 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm distinguished between benign and malignant masses on breast ultrasound at a high level of accuracy -- perhaps even exceeding the diagnostic performance of less-experienced radiologists, according to research published online March 19 in the Japanese Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
New ultrasound technique gauges kids' heart function
March 21, 2019 -- A catheter-based ultrasound technique can measure heart function in children undergoing surgery with similar effectiveness as the more traditional method of inserting a probe around the patient's aorta, according to a study published online March 18 in Anesthesiology.  Discuss
MRI-guided cryoablation a boon for HCC patients
March 21, 2019 -- With a 1-tesla open scanner and some finesse, Chinese researchers are using MRI to guide percutaneous cryoablation of hepatic dome hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) to almost eliminate tumor progression and extend survival, according to a study published online March 12 in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
Video from GTC 2019: Dr. Christopher Hess has 3 questions for AI developers
March 20, 2019 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Do the developers of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms really understand radiology? There are three questions AI developers should consider when they start developing AI for medical imaging, according to Dr. Christopher Hess, PhD, chair of the radiology department at the University of California, San Francisco, who spoke at this week's Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2019).  Discuss
AI, radiomics can help predict chemotherapy response
March 20, 2019 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) and radiomics can identify which non-small cell lung cancer patients are likely to respond to chemotherapy, potentially enabling likely nonresponders to be shifted to alternative treatments, according to research published online March 20 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence.  Discuss
Video from GTC 2019: Dr. Safwan Halabi on challenges to AI implementation
March 20, 2019 -- SAN JOSE, CA - What are the challenges to implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology? Dr. Safwan Halabi of Stanford Children's Health described his institution's experience developing an AI algorithm for bone age assessment and some of the challenges his team encountered in a talk at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2019).  Discuss
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