The job market landscape for radiologists
June 30, 2022 -- How healthy is the job market for radiologists? AuntMinnie.com's recent SalaryScan survey indicates that radiologists continue to enjoy strong salary growth. In this June 28 webinar, three key opinion leaders in radiology discussed the market and offered career planning advice for radiologists. Read More
Iowa health system ditches lead radiation shields
June 30, 2022 -- University of Iowa (UI) hospitals are ditching their lead aprons, citing evidence that radiation shielding for patients during x-ray exams is no longer necessary, according to a post on the school's health news blog. Read More
Bogged down in the reading room? Managing interruptions is key
June 30, 2022 -- Time lost due to interruptions in the reading room can gut radiologist productivity, according to a U.S. group. They detailed the issue at their hospital in Ohio, and offered their take on how to improve workflows, in a June 27 article in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. Read More
Xenon-129 MRI exams show long-term effects of COVID-19
June 30, 2022 -- An MRI technique that uses xenon-129 (Xe-129) gas shows lower ventilation and gas exchange in the lungs of individuals with long-term COVID-19 symptoms compared with healthy people, a study published June 28 in Radiology has found. Read More
Ultrasound can be challenging for plastic surgeons
June 29, 2022 -- Interpreting ultrasonic images for use in plastic surgery can be challenging, including when it comes to lymphatic vessels or when no other information is available, a Spanish study published on 28 June in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery found. Read More
Chest x-ray technique reduces radiation dose in infants
June 29, 2022 -- Radiation doses to neonates undergoing chest x-rays can be significantly reduced by using a high kilovoltage technique, according to a study using anthropomorphic phantoms published June 21 in Radiation Physics and Chemistry. Read More
New technologies automate workflow, easing burden for radiologists
June 29, 2022 -- Radiology practices are harnessing new technologies, such as novel workflow software and artificial intelligence, to automate workflow, enabling radiologists to use their time more efficiently and potentially lessening their stress. Read More
How to combat radiologist cherry-picking
June 29, 2022 -- Cherry-picking in radiology -- when a radiologist chooses the case they want rather than the next one on the worklist -- can have a negative impact on both patient care and staff morale. Dr. Elizabeth Bergey explains how to mitigate this phenomenon. Read More
How can new technologies help technologists deliver better care?
June 29, 2022 -- From small hospitals to large medical centers, new technologies like artificial intelligence are helping radiologic technologists become more efficient, keep up with heavy workloads, and create space for them to treat patients like humans. Read More
The PACSman Pontificates: Pit bull and the PACSman
June 28, 2022 -- How is the PACS purchasing process like politics? Imaging industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo -- aka the PACSman -- offers some thoughts in the latest installment of The PACSman Pontificates. Read More
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