Brian Casey

Brian joined in 1999 and was the website's founding editor in chief. He has 26 years of experience in radiology journalism, previously working for Diagnostic Imaging Scan newsletter and Diagnostic Imaging magazine.

He holds a bachelor's degree in radio-television from the University of Arizona and a master's degree in radio-television from San Francisco State University. His area of focus is in digital x-ray technologies. 

Articles by this author
AJR publishes primer on gender affirmation surgery
August 22, 2019 -- Radiologists should consider multiple issues when analyzing medical images used as part of gender affirmation surgeries, according to a primer on the topic issued online ahead of print on August 15 by the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
ABR releases Core Exam scores that show 'fail' rate rising
August 16, 2019 -- The American Board of Radiology (ABR) on August 15 released results of the Core Exam to radiology residents who took the test in May and June. But the ABR figures indicate that the percentage of test-takers who failed the 2019 board exam rose to the highest level in seven years.  Discuss
AI algorithm could reduce wrong-side medical mistakes
August 5, 2019 -- Wrong-side medical procedures are among the most devastating -- and preventable -- errors in healthcare. But what if you could stop wrong-side mistakes simply by analyzing radiographs with a machine-learning algorithm? A research group gave the idea a try and described their findings in the August edition of the Journal of Digital Imaging.  Discuss
Smoking limits utility of interventional therapy for AVMs
July 31, 2019 -- The use of interventional radiology procedures to treat patients for arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is less effective for those who are also heavy smokers, according to a study published July 30 in Radiology. Heavy smokers had rates of AVM relapse that were three times as high as nonsmokers.  Discuss
Digital radiography may be leading to 'collimation creep'
June 25, 2019 -- Is the desire to produce "prettier" x-ray images leading to "collimation creep" as radiographers crop digital radiography images rather than use more appropriate collimation settings? That's the contention of a paper published in the June edition of the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences.  Discuss
SNMMI announces leadership slate for 2019-2020
June 25, 2019 -- ANAHEIM, CA - The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) has announced its leadership slate for the 2019-2020 term, with Dr. Vasken Dilsizian taking over as president and Alan Packard, PhD, serving as president-elect.  Discuss
Backlash mounts against study on smartphone 'horns'
June 24, 2019 -- Are young adults really growing "horns" from excessive smartphone use? Skeptics are questioning a 2018 study that claimed to find bony protuberances on the skulls of young men -- growths that the authors hypothesized were connected to excessive mobile device use.  Discuss
Rapid adoption of DBT screening is faster in richer areas
June 24, 2019 -- The use of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) for breast cancer screening has grown rapidly, from almost 13% of screening exams in 2015 to over 43% in 2017. But DBT adoption is occurring at a faster rate in more affluent areas, according to a research letter published June 24 in JAMA Internal Medicine.  Discuss
SNMMI: Technetium radiotracer tracks rheumatoid arthritis
June 24, 2019 -- ANAHEIM, CA - New findings on a technetium-based radiopharmaceutical that could be useful for monitoring rheumatoid arthritis by tracking joint inflammation were presented on Sunday at the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual conference.  Discuss
BBC: X-rays show signs of young adults growing 'horns'
June 21, 2019 -- The internet exploded this week after the BBC published an article that used x-ray images to back claims that young adults who used smartphones extensively were growing bony protuberances -- basically, horns -- on their skulls.  Discuss