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Resident core exams: A prep strategy that works
December 12, 2013 -- The new residency accreditation process that began last July has upended the process of becoming a radiologist -- in part by establishing a third-year core exam that few residents have had to deal with yet. But Dr. Chris Stephens has already gone there, not only completing the test but living to tell about it at the RSNA 2013 meeting.  Discuss
Almost one-third of radiologists' ED services uncompensated
December 12, 2013 -- Almost a third of services provided by radiologists to emergency department (ED) patients are uncompensated, according to researchers from the American College of Radiology's Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute.  Discuss
Top 5 trends from RSNA 2013 in Chicago
December 10, 2013 -- As it always does, this year's RSNA meeting in Chicago offered an invaluable glimpse of the major issues affecting radiology in 2013. Important trends in evidence this year at McCormick Place included questions about the future direction of radiology and the growing dominance of software over big iron.  Discuss
Saudi hospital successfully implements IORT for breast cancer
December 9, 2013 -- Intraoperative radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer was successfully implemented in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, spurring more installations in the region, according to a presentation by Dr. Yasir Bahadur at last week's RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Wide-area CT delivers modest drop in pediatric dose
December 6, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Wide-area CT reduced torso radiation doses significantly in younger, smaller children, but the reductions were insignificant among larger and older patients, according to results of a study presented on Thursday at the RSNA meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Study shows decline in inpatient imaging utilization
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - If the experience of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston is any indication, inpatient imaging utilization dropped after 2009 following two decades of growth. Researchers found that CT, conventional imaging, and nuclear medicine use declined, while ultrasound and MRI remained stable.  Discuss
Facial transplants: Low-dose methods prove vital to success
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - The complexity and extent of follow-up imaging often required in cases of facial transplantation means the application of all available low-dose imaging techniques must be pursued, according to top award-winning research presented at RSNA 2013.  Discuss
Korean team shows off 0.2-mSv CT colonography
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Researchers from Seoul, South Korea, achieved record-skimming low doses in a CT colonography (CTC) phantom study that also delivered high image quality and comparable diagnostic performance to conventional CTC.  Discuss
PET/MRI matches PET/CT for patients with suspected dementia
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - Simultaneous PET/MRI can produce diagnostic-quality brain scans and interpretation results that compare favorably with PET/CT in patients with clinically suspected dementia, according to a study presented on Thursday at RSNA 2013.  Discuss
The 2013 PACSman Awards: Coming out of the dark
December 5, 2013 -- CHICAGO - After a two-year hiatus, PACS consultant Michael J. Cannavo is back with his PACSman Awards, which take a light-hearted look at what the many vendors had to offer at this week's RSNA 2013 show.  Discuss
November 14, 2013 -- Presentations at RSNA 2013 will showcase molecular imaging and nuclear medicine's expanding range of clinical applications. This year includes scientific sessions, poster presentations, and refresher courses on topics such as the pros and cons of PET/MRI and PET/CT, cardiac SPECT and PET, molecular breast imaging, and more.
November 13, 2013 -- In a week packed with scientific presentations, exhibitions, special courses, and hot topic sessions, RSNA 2013 attendees will have plenty of opportunities to broaden their knowledge of emerging techniques such as spectral CT, perfusion imaging, iodine mapping, tissue composition analysis, automated tube current selection, flow mapping, iterative reconstruction, and more.
November 12, 2013 -- RSNA 2013 will feature scientific sessions, refresher courses, and controversy sessions on a range of ultrasound topics, including treating uterine fibroids, musculoskeletal ultrasound, renal imaging, and interventional sonography.
November 11, 2013 -- RSNA 2013 will feature a broad range of scientific presentations, posters, exhibits, and refresher courses on a range of advanced visualization topics, including 3D imaging and printing, image processing, new applications for computer-aided detection (CAD), and quantitative imaging.
November 7, 2013 -- Some of the novel and noteworthy scientific presentations on MRI at RSNA 2013 will discuss PET/MRI and advanced body imaging applications, MRI safety for staff and patients, MRI contrast agents and how to use them safely, and more.
November 6, 2013 -- The scientific sessions, poster presentations, and refresher courses at RSNA 2013 will reflect x-ray's staying power. Topics to be covered include ensuring proper exposure, optimizing radiation dose, digital tomosynthesis, image postprocessing, and more.
November 5, 2013 -- At this year's RSNA meeting, expect a lot of buzz about breast ultrasound and digital breast tomosynthesis, with everything from refresher courses to scientific sessions devoted to these technologies. But also get ready for animated discussion about how best to image dense breasts and also the pros and cons of breast cancer screening.
November 4, 2013 -- RSNA attendees will have a variety of PACS educational opportunities to select from this year, including presentations on the utility of mobile devices in medical imaging, archiving issues, cloud computing, meaningful use, and more.
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