Atirix updates QC-Track package

2019 08 29 18 18 5039 Quality Check Mark 400

Medical software developer Atirix Medical Systems has released the latest version of QC-Track quality control (QC) package for medical displays.

QC-Track 5.14 features a new module for diagnostic displays quality control (QC), improvements to the credential tracking module, and enhanced enterprise capabilities, including support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) security.

Several features have been added to facilitate display management throughout the display lifecycle, from initial commissioning and testing through ongoing use and eventual decommissioning. Prior to testing, emails notify the reading group, including those with in-home workstations, to ensure workstations are on and available to be tested.

After the testing period and data sweep, additional email notifications alert managers of any missed or failed tests. Finally, three new display-specific reports organize the display QC data for inspections and fleet management, including physicist review and sign off, the company said in a news release.

The displays module accommodates mixed fleets of mammography and nonmammography displays, accounting for Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA)-specific QC and reporting needs.

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