Patient sues MRI center due to 'unreadable' CD

2018 06 19 18 01 9433 Cd Dvd Broken 400

A patient sued an MRI center in Canada after he was given a CD with his digital images that his doctor was unable to view on a computer, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun.

The patient sued Priority MRI of Richmond, British Columbia, for $1,200 Canadian ($973 U.S.) for the cost of the MRI scan and almost $300 Canadian ($243) in travel costs after undergoing the scan in the summer of 2020. The patient was given a CD with the radiologist's interpretation as well as raw MRI data.

But the patient claimed that the MRI scan was "useless" because his doctor couldn't view the data on the CD. The doctor was also unable to compel Priority MRI to send the files digitally, according to the Vancouver Sun article.

A provincial civil panel that investigated the case found no evidence of negligence on the part of the MRI center, however. A spokesperson for Priority MRI said the facility provided the data using industry-standard technology and that the center has not had any similar issues with other doctors or hospitals.

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