Video from SIIM 2019: Herman Oosterwijk on enterprise imaging

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DENVER - Consultant Herman Oosterwijk discussed technology trends in imaging informatics and shared three approaches to implementing enterprise imaging in a video interview at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) annual meeting.

Enterprise imaging can be challenging to adopt, said Oosterwijk of OTech. Three methods can be used:

  • A "top-down" approach: This model implements a vendor-neutral archive (VNA) for radiology, cardiology, and some other departments.
  • A "bottom-up" approach: This model, which was used at Stanford University, implements a VNA beginning with one department and then adding in other departments using the same workflow.
  • A hybrid approach: This method, which was adopted at the Mayo Clinic, is a combination of both approaches.

The top-down approach can be chaotic, as each department uses a different workflow, Oosterwijk said. Although the "bottom-up" approach may be the preferred method, the hybrid model may be the most feasible, he noted.

He also offered his thoughts on recent developments in PACS technology, including some shortcomings that he would like to see addressed.

Herman Oosterwijk from OTech.

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