New Sony monitors combine 4K and 3D

Sony is introducing new monitors that display both 4K and 3D images at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress this week in Washington, DC.

The 55- and 31-inch monitors are being shown as works-in-progress, and they are designed for use with surgical microscopes and 3D endoscopes in operating rooms and medical facilities for training and education, Sony said. The new monitors will display 2D and 3D content in 4K or HD, and they are designed to produce the same level of image quality currently found in 4K/3D endoscopes and other compatible medical tools, the firm added.

The increased number of pixels in a 4K image means the objects displayed are more defined compared with a high-definition image, and the addition of 3D expands the visualization capabilities for a surgical team. The new monitors are compatible with SDI (3G), DVI, and HDMI terminals.

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