Facing off against payors; avoiding PACS downtime

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When it comes to reimbursement, imaging services providers are almost always working at a disadvantage relative to health insurance payors. But providers can improve their position through better understanding of the economics and politics behind current U.S. reimbursement practices.

In a presentation at this week's American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) conference in Denver, reimbursement consultant Michael Longacre describes how payors are usually dealt the winning hand -- due to their access to more current and comprehensive data on imaging services reimbursement.

But there are a few steps imaging providers can take to come out ahead. Find out what they are by clicking here.

In another presentation from the AHRA show, PACS industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo describes how to keep a PACS network running at peak efficiency by avoiding downtime.

Mr. Cannavo outlines several tips for avoiding downtime, such as changing hardware configurations, and offers advice on reading the fine print in service contracts. (A PACS vendor's definition of downtime might surprise you.) Read more by clicking here.

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