Pioneer debuts DVD drive modules

Electronics manufacturer Pioneer Electronics of Long Beach, CA, has introduced two new drive modules for its line of DVD libraries: an 8X DVD-R drive, the DVD-R7783, and a low-voltage differential SCSI interface, the DRM-ULV16.

Both modular units will work within existing Pioneer libraries and supporting connector cables, the company said. DRM-7000, which can house 2-16 drives, and the DRM-3000 library, which houses 2-8 drives, can support both SE and LVD devices within the same unit. In addition, the drives can hook directly to a SCSI adapter on the host PC, and disks burned in both the LVD or SE drives are compatible with each other.

The DVD-R7783 device is available now at a list price of $1,195. DRM-ULV16 is priced at $1,400, according to Pioneer.

By staff writers
April 21, 2005

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