AuntMinnieTV: PACS software streams images to PDAs

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If you're a radiologist, a personal digital assistant (PDA) can be a great way to keep track of your busy schedule. But using handheld computers with pint-sized displays for medical image review is out of the question, right?

Maybe not. In this week's AuntMinnieTV segment, we profile a Danish firm that's developed PACS/RIS software that includes support for image distribution to a PDA. The company, Medical Insight, demonstrated the software at this month's European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

The software uses image streaming technology to send images and data from a central server to PDA users via a wireless connection. Once on the PDA, radiologists can employ a number of commonly used image manipulation tools, such as window/level, 3D reconstruction, and scrolling through stacks of image slices.

A Danish radiologist even says he's been using a PDA with the software for primary diagnosis of orthopedic exams, and presented a study at the ECR on that very subject. See for yourself how it works by clicking here.

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