The Swedish PACS vendor will highlight new clinical applications for its PACS network.

Sectra will introduce a new Web-based package for remote reading of imaging studies. The software employs image streaming technology, according to the Linköping-based vendor.

Sectra is also emphasizing new clinical applications integrated into its PACS platform. An orthopedic imaging module offers a templating application for orthopedic surgeons, as well as new measurement functions and workflow enhancements, according to the firm. A cardiology PACS network is also being unveiled.

In mammography news, the company has enhanced its PACS to accommodate soft-copy requirements for breast imaging. Specialized workflow and productivity capabilities have been added to Sectra PACS workstation software to handle digital mammography studies, according to the firm.

Other introductions include an enterprise-wide, multislice visualization tool with 3D and multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) functionality, as well as a PET/CT fusion package. As usual, Sectra will show off a range of clinical applications from third-party vendors participating in Sectra's Clinical Solutions Network.

Control Tower is a tool for optimizing enterprise-wide resource utilization. It offers real-time monitoring of system performance and usage to administrators, providing graphs based on statistics gathered from all workstations, imaging modalities, and users, Sectra said.

Sectra also plans to show an integrated RIS/PACS network with speech recognition capability. It's available only in certain European markets, however.

Finally, Sectra is introducing an E-learning program, an interactive tutorial designed to assist users in discovering the capabilities of its IDS5 workstation.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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