NovaRad will spotlight version 6.0 of its NovaPACS.

NovaPACS features include a seven-year onsite archive, a Web server, and a complete RIS, according to the American Fork, UT-based vendor. It also features customizable hanging protocol preferences and a region-of-interest capability.

A Reverse Cross Localize tool allows users to scroll series with orthogonal images to the image closest to the point in the reference image, NovaRad said. In other enhancements, user customizations are now saved to a central server. Viewing software can also be automatically loaded onto any Windows-powered computer.

Security on NovaPACS has been upgraded with password management and 128-bit encryption, NovaRad said. In addition, NovaPACS 6.0 offers a customizable toolbar, allowing users to place any standard shortcut keys on the toolbar.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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