National Display Systems

This display provider will debut a monochrome and two color AMLCDs.

AXIS (Accurate X-ray Imaging System) II is a 2-megapixel (1200 x 1600), 19.6-inch active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD). DICOM compliance is built into the display when it's used with any commercial digital graphics card and 32-bit color, according to the Morgan Hill, CA-based firm. Suitable for cross-sectional images and occasional CR/DR exams, AXIS II is slated for release in January 2005.


In color AMLCD developments, National Display is unveiling PrimeVue 2mp Color and PrimeVue 3mp Color. PrimeVue 2mp Color is a 2-megapixel (1600 x 1200), MVA color UXGA unit. The 20.1-inch display features true-color 24-bit response (3 x 8-bit), and is DICOM-compliant from 200 cd/m2 to 400 cd/m2 peak luminance, with factory calibration that remains in the display's memory, National Display said.

The monitor is suitable for PET/CT fusion imaging, MRI with color coding, and ultrasound studies. Release is scheduled for January 2005.

Another new color AMLCD, PrimeVue 3MP, is a 3-megapixel (1536 x 2048), dual-domain technology (DIPS) color QXGA system. It provides true-color 24-bit response, and is DICOM-compliant from 200 cd/m2 to 325 cd/m2 peak luminance at factory calibration, according to the vendor. Designed to serve as a primary reading workstation, PrimeVue 3mp will hit the market in January 2005.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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